So here it is, our final anniversary throwback…
Did you know that from 2004-2005 we published a local newspaper which focused on local stories and issues? East Belfast Observer cost 50p per copy and was available to purchase from local east Belfast newsagents.
We are currently working on a special edition of the East Belfast Observer to mark our 25th anniversary so watch this space...


This throwback marks the 5th anniversary of the opening of C.S. Lewis Square. Check out the transformation of the space in this throwback video below-
EastSide Lives was a heritage project which engaged local people in discovering and celebrating their heritage and helped build their capacity in related skills.
Participants identified and researched ordinary people (mill workers, shopkeepers, community workers, delivery drivers and kindly criminal godfathers) from east Belfast's past who feature in the EastSide Lives Heritage Trail – a self-guided trail with accompanying wall art and interpretive panels in locations relevant to each person.
In December 2015 EastSide Learning launched ‘Stepping Up’ transition guides which were designed to help parents whose children were making the transition to secondary school. Since then picture books have been developed to help ease the transition for children and parents between pre-school and nursery and online webinars have also taken place to support parents.
Back in November 2013 we organised the inaugural C.S. Lewis Festival in east Belfast to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of the renowned author, theologian and academic.
Our next 25th anniversary throwback is to when we unveiled a new piece of artwork called the Luminaries and Legends of EastSide. This artwork created by local artist Dee Craig celebrates the creative talents of well-known people connected to East Belfast as well as some of EastSide’s iconic places.
Our nineteenth throwback Thursday takes us back to 2016 when a brand new section of the Connswater Community Greenway opened to the Public, Marsh-wiggle Way, a one kilometre cycle and pedestrian link connecting Orangefield Park and Clarawood to the Braniel.
Did you know, Marsh-wiggle Way was named after the fictional frog like humanoid marsh-dwellers found in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair, written by east Belfast Author C.S Lewis.
Back in October 2016 we launched a new heritage trail which give glimpses into the great industrial past of East Belfast. The Connswater Industrial Heritage Trail, a collaboration between Connswater Community Greenway Trust and The Very Local History Group.
Back in March 2006 Avalon House opened and has been EastSide Partnership’s headquarters since. This is one of many buildings that have been transformed in east Belfast via our not-for-profit property development company EastSide Property (formerly Landmark East).
Maurice Kinkead has been synonymous with EastSide Partnership for the past 25 years having been Chief Executive since August 1996 so today’s 25th anniversary throwback is a tribute to him.
Maurice will retire this year so we want to take this opportunity to thank him for his vision, leadership and entrepreneurship over the years which has, through the work of EastSide Partnership, changed the landscape of east Belfast.