EastSide Tourism

EastSide Tourism aims to coordinate and deliver responsible, sustainable and impactful culture-led regeneration, pushing boundaries to put east Belfast on the map.

EastSide Tourism will fulfil our Overall Aim by:

  1. Positioning EastSide based on our collective strengths and in alignment with the strategic development of tourism in Belfast, Northern Ireland and island of Ireland.
  2. Empowering EastSide by investing in local people and local businesses to maximise our collective potential and proudly celebrate our rich cultural tapestry and modern-day personality.
  3. Creating Experiences unique to east Belfast, to enhance our city’s visitor offering and maximise the socio-economic impact of tourism on both people and place.
  4. Sustaining for the Future through a circular model of regenerative tourism development, adopting an entrepreneurial approach based on social economy principals and maximising partnerships both internally and externally.