Vision, Mission & Values


Our mission is:

‘To make East Belfast a better place.'


EastSide Partnership will promote developments that will make an impact on disadvantage by working to achieve a vision that has been described as follows:

Our Vision for East Belfast

  • A great place for people to live, work, visit and invest 
  • Residents enjoy good health and well-being
  • Education is valued and high standards achieved
  • Tourism, hospitality and the arts are thriving


As a charitable organisation we have adopted the NI Charity Commission Code of Good Governance principles and the Nolan principles- Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.  We expect all those acting on the Partnership’s behalf to subscribe to these values. Specific to the work of the Partnership we have also adopted the following core values: 

1. Alleviating poverty and disadvantage – we seek to ensure that we alleviate poverty and disadvantage through social, economic and environmental regeneration.

2. Entrepreneurship –we seek to take an entrepreneurial approach to developing our organisation and its activity, seeking out opportunities, taking well managed risks and focussing on effective outcomes.

3. Economic Sustainability – we are committed to being as financially sustainable as possible through an entrepreneurial approach whilst aiming to reduce dependence on grant aid and having resources to test ideas which may not initially attract public support.

4. Environmental Responsibility –we commit ourselves to policies and practices that will reduce the negative impact of our activity and positively promote environmental responsibility.

5. Respect for heritage – we respect the rich heritage of east Belfast and its contribution to making the community and the wider world a more inspirational place to live.

6. Inclusivity - we promote a welcoming ethos, are respectful of difference and seek to reflect the diverse demographic and culture of contemporary east Belfast in all our projects and structures

7. Collaborative working – we are committed to working collaboratively, both within our own organisation and with other external stakeholders, in order to achieve our desired outcomes.