EastSide Learning

EastSide Learning was established in 2014 and our overall aim is to help and support children in east Belfast to develop their abilities; reach their potential and experience success; whatever their background.

EastSide Learning continues to connect communities with schools, to provide strategic support and co-ordination for informed and effective interventions to improve outcomes for children and their parents.

Our Framework document, reviewed and updated in 2020, re-framed our priorities to reflect progress made and current circumstances and new needs arising from the impact of the pandemic:

  1. Building Aspiration and improving achievement

To provide activities that will support parents to become more confident and involved in their children’s learning, offer training and advice, and broker improved relationships with schools - contributing to developing a positive community ethos that values education and improves performance

  1. Early Years Development

To secure more investment in early years settings and our primary schools. Supporting and building the EastSide Early Years Network and the EastSide Early Learning Community to improve links across phases, share good practice and improve training for all early year’s staff

  1. Supporting Smoother Transitions

To support smoother transitions throughout the system from early years to leaving school; focussing on confidence building and social and emotional wellbeing to ensure readiness to learn at all stages

  1. Valuing All Educational Pathways and enriching learning

To develop new and enhance existing opportunities that broaden the skill set and develop the interests of children and young people in a range of STEAM Creative and World Around Us activities

  1. Collaboration, Coordination and Working in Partnership

To bring all the key organisations together to ensure good planning, improve how we communicate with each other and thereby improve the quality and delivery of services.