The EastSide Partnership board consists of:

  • Chair: Andrew Hassard

Community Sector

  • Brian Anderson
  • Michael Briggs
  • Rev Mervyn Gibson
  • Bernie McConnell
  • Tracey Ripley-McElvogue


  • Councillor David Bell (Belfast City Council)
  • Councillor Ruth Brooks (Belfast City Council)
  • Councillor Samantha Burns (Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council)


  • Hannah Buick
  • Stephen Jackson
  • Michael Stewart

Subsidiary Company Chairs

  • Fiona Bell (Chair of EastSide Arts)
  • Gavin Robinson MP (Chair of EastSide Tourism)
  • Laura Feeney (Chair of EastSide Learning)
  • Karen Purdy (Chair of EastSide Greenways)