New Life-Saving Defibrillator Installed at C.S. Lewis Square

C.S. Lewis Square has taken a significant step towards ensuring the safety of its visitors by installing a brand new defibrillator in the heart of the square. The purchase and installation of this life-saving device was made possible through EastSide Partnership’s #DonateforDefib fundraising campaign.
Earlier this year members of the EastSide Partnership staff team took part in the Belfast Marathon Relay to raise money for the installation of the defibrillator at EastSide Visitor Centre on C.S. Lewis Square. The #DonateforDefib fundraising campaign received overwhelming support from local individuals who sponsored the team and received a generous contribution from local business, James Brown & Sons Funeral Directors, whose commitment to the local community played a crucial role in achieving this goal.
In addition to the purchase and installation of the defibrillator installation, CPR and AED training will also be provided to EastSide Partnership staff and volunteers, ensuring they are well-prepared to respond effectively in emergencies.
James Brown, from James Brown & Sons Funeral Directors said:
"We are proud to have been able to support the purchase and installation of this new defibrillator. C.S. Lewis Square is now better equipped to handle emergencies, and the success of the #DonateforDefib campaign serves as a testament to the local community's dedication to the safety and wellbeing of its residents and visitors.”
Michele Bryans, Chief Executive, EastSide Partnership said,
"We extend our sincere thanks to everyone who donated and made this possible, including James Brown & Sons and the relay team at EastSide Partnership. The immediate delivery of CPR combined with early use of a defibrillator gives a person in cardiac arrest the best chance of surviving and we are delighted that a publicly accessible defibrillator is now in place at C.S. Lewis Square.”
The new defibrillator is located on the exterior of EastSide Visitor Centre at C.S. Lewis Square and is easily accessible by the public.