The Scaffolding Project

The Scaffolding Project aims to take a strategic approach to alleviating the impact of poverty in Inner East Belfast through collaboration with stakeholders, adopting a focus on families, food and fuel and delivery of practical actions. In addition, the project seeks to raise awareness of poverty and the related issues, garnering support to influence change.


1) Raise awareness of poverty by:

  1. Using the Scaffolding Project Briefing Document and six identified policy responses
  2. Gather stories from the community to amplify voices of the people and bring to life the issues identified in the Briefing Document
  3. Explore opportunity to engage a wider stakeholder group to address need and deliver solution focused ideas to support an upstream approach to alleviating poverty in East Belfast.
  4. Deliver awareness raising campaign on the power of ‘Spend Local’ based on the principles of community wealth building

2) Practical actions:

  1. Deliver 3 innovative practical responses to poverty which can be sustained through partnership working i.e. Uniform Programme, Summer Food Programme and Cookery Club
  2. Provide targeted and modest crisis intervention support to address food and fuel poverty.
  3. Campaign for the Real Living Wage to reduce in-work poverty. Establish an Action Group.
  4. Engage in fund raising activity to support intervention measures.
  5. Support statutory agencies to deliver anti-poverty support measures as and when appropriate.
  6. Address emerging need for help with English language for migrant and newcomer families