The View from Earth, the View from Space Exhibition

Exhibition runs at the EastSide Gallery (EastSide Visitor Centre) from Thursday 15th Feb 2018 to Sunday 25th March 2018

An exhibition of art and science celebrating astronomy, the planets and the stars. Curated by ArtisAnn Gallery. Part of the Northern Ireland Science Festival

Since the dawn of time artists and scientists have been inspired by the heavens. Scientists strive to understand the nature of the cosmos while artists wrestle to capture the majesty of the endless sky.

This show brings together great art that captures the awe of the celestial bodies alongside scientific artefacts, drawings and photographs by leading astronomers.

The exhibition features scientific photographs and drawings by astronomers Professor Alan Fitzsimmons and Dr Paul Abel, paintings by Professor Harry McMahon, Patrick Conyngham and Colin McGookin, solar eclipse photographs by Dr Ann McVeigh and Ken Bartley, mixed media work by Emma Whitehead, prints by Dr Josephine McCormick.

The show also features artworks produced by Patricia McCormack who has worked with astronomers at Edinburgh Royal Observatory as well as a rare glimpse at engineering drawings of spacecraft instruments developed and built at the UCL-Mullard Space Science Laboratory.

Admission is free.

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Mon – Friday: 8am to 5pm

Sat and Sun: 9am to 5pm

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