A Northern Soul Film Screening- Scaffolding Project

A Northern Soul Film Screening plus Q&A, Tuesday 26th February, 7pm

This free film screening is part of a programme of events hosted by The Scaffolding Project exploring the topic of disadvantage in east Belfast. 

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ABOUT FILM (2018) 1 Hr 13 Guidance: 15 (Contains strong language)
Director Sean McAllister returns to his hometown, Hull, as curator of its UK City of Culture opening. Back living with his 90-year-old parents and reflecting on changes to a city hit by cuts in public spending and divided by Brexit, Sean is drawn to the fringes of town where he encounters Steve, a struggling warehouse worker with a dream to take hip-hop to disadvantaged kids through his Beats Bus.

"A Northern Soul functions brilliantly on both a political and emotional level... Uplifting and hopeful" - Mark Kermode, the Guardian

Watch the trailer here... https://vimeo.com/284327774 (contains strong language)

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