EastSide Talks- Vanscapes & Bring It On Home To Me

Join us for two special talks on Thursday 2nd January...

Van Morrison’s songs have preserved a powerful sense of post-war Belfast, particularly in the east of the city. He reminds us of the foghorns and the herring seller, the Sunday six bells and the banter of the window cleaners. He finds significance in the Beechy River and the terraced houses of Hyndford Street. There is magic in Cyprus Avenue and Orangefield and beyond. In this unauthorized guide, music journalist and broadcaster Stuart Bailie revisits the songs and the places that will sing out, forever.

Bring It On Home To Me
Have you ever thought about organising a Van Morrison gig in your local neighbourhood? No, neither did we, ever. So how come a small community based organisation, who had never organised an arts event before, ended up organising a series of seven unique Van Morrison shows in the community of east Belfast where he was born and raised?

In this event Maurice Kinkead, EastSide Partnership CEO, explains how he unintentionally ended up organising the first large scale event at a local sports field, followed this up with a ‘secret’ gig in a tiny theatre, then organised 3 shows in the assembly hall of Van’s old school before ending up with Van’s 70th ‘birthday bash’ Live on Cyprus Avenue.

Event Time: 2.00pm
Ticket Price: £10
Venue: EastSide Visitor Centre