EastSide Partnership- 25th Anniversary- Throwbacks- 4 of 25

Our fourth throwback is to July 2011 when EastSide Property (formerly Landmark East), our property development not-for-profit, purchased 16 Burren Way, the family home of George Best.We wanted to preserve the legacy of the east Belfast footballing legend and the investment allowed us to create a social economy business by turning the property into holiday accommodation, the profits of which are used for other tourism regeneration projects in the area.

We initially refurbished George’s bedroom to a 60s style while the rest of the house remained as it was when George’s father passed away in 2008. Thanks to recent funding from the Tourism NI Visitor Experience Development Grant we have been able to retro refurbish the entire house to how it could have looked in 1961 before George left to go to Manchester United, aged 15.

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