EastSide Partnership- 25th Anniversary- Throwbacks- 20 of 25

Our next 25th anniversary throwback is to when we unveiled a new piece of artwork called the Luminaries and Legends of EastSide. This artwork created by local artist Dee Craig celebrates the creative talents of well-known people connected to East Belfast as well as some of EastSide’s iconic places.
Luminaries and Legends artwork features well-known faces and places connected to EastSide including; Sir Van Morrison, C.S. Lewis, George Best, Gary Moore, David Holmes, Danny Blanchflower, Harland & Wolff, Holywood Arches, Marie Jones, Lucy Caldwell, James Ellis, Sam McCready, Eric Bell, Strand Arts Centre, St Mark’s, Dundela and the artist himself, Dee Craig.
Find out more about everyone who features in this artwork here- https://www.eastsidepartnership.com/luminariesandlegends
This project was made possible with funding from the Urban Villages Initiative under the Northern Ireland Executive’s Together Building a United Community Strategy, read our full press release here- https://bit.ly/3yiBjEH