Doga (Dog Yoga)

Join us with your four-legged friends at Victoria Park for Doga (dog yoga), a special type of yoga practice, which promises to leave both owner and pooch in a zen-like state.

A Doga session is an innovative and fun form of yoga practice that encourages you to bond with your dog, while taking the classic downward dog pose to new heights.

The session will last for just over an hour and comprise of various meditation, breathing, stretching and gentle massage techniques, helping guests and their dogs to relax while spending quality time together.

Tracy Stuart is the yoga instructor behind the Doga practice. A qualified solicitor, Tracy has taught yoga for over eleven years in various locations including the Maitri Studio, Belfast. She is also a mindfulness practitioner who has facilitated groups in using mindfulness techniques for substances misusers.

Event Time: 11:00am
Ticket Price: £10
Venue : Victoria Park