Atishoo Atishoo We Don’t Fall Down: Pandemics Past and Present

EastSide Partnership’s heritage volunteers were invited to co-create an exhibition with the Ulster Museum during lockdown. Fresh out of designing the EastSide Lives trail, they were able to put their research and interpretation skills to good use to tell the story of a piece of history in the making, Covid-19.

Their exhibition Atishoo Atishoo We Don’t Fall Down: Pandemics Past and Present explores their experiences of living through a pandemic and how life changed for them. They collected objects and recorded their experiences for the exhibition as well as researching how people in the past responded to health crises like the Spanish Flu and Tuberculosis.

Karen Logan at the Ulster Museum curated these objects and stories and added items from the museum’s collections to co-create a narrative that shows that despite loss and sacrifice, we adapt and are resilient in the face of adversity.

The exhibition is available to visit now at the Ulster Museum, booking is advised due to Covid restrictions. Book here